How to prepare for a newborn session


Do you wonder how to prepare for a newborn session with me?


First, I need to mention that I come to you for a newborn photo session. When you just had a baby, it is no secret that your life changes (a lot!). Your sleep schedule is all over the place and the days start to blend together. You’re happy to manage eating and showering.  With me coming to you for the newborn session there is one less thing for you to worry about. The stress of leaving your home is completely eliminated.

Prior to your session, I will send you a detailed guide on how to prepare for an in-home newborn session. We will discuss everything and answer all your questions during our pre-session consultation as well.


Here are some of the most important points:



This is a BIG one! Little babies cannot thermoregulate and get cold very easily. We will be taking baby’s clothes off and therefore in order to keep her/him happy, the area where we take photos needs to be very warm, at least 80 degrees. Depending on how fast your house warms up, I suggest to turn the heat on at least 30 minutes before my arrival. Yes, we will be warm, but baby will be happy.



If you want to use areas of your home (i.e., your bed, the nursery, the living room) for your family shots, please de-clutter the immediate space to keep it photogenic.

How to prepare for a newborn session. Photo of mom and baby.


Keep it simple! Solids, solids, solids. Patterns will distract and take away from the most important subject, the baby. For dads, buttoned down shirts are great. For moms, a maxi dress works beautifully. This can easily be a pregnancy dress. You will also have an access to my client wardrobe with dresses suitable for the session. Siblings can be in simple shirts or dresses. The whole family should be in similar tones. In other words, avoid some members wearing really dark colors and some very light. Baby does not need any special attire. I find that a simple wrap or no clothing at all work best.


Baby with her parents during an in-home newborn session.


If you are breastfeeding (or pumping), please do not drink coffee in the morning of the session! This is very important as babies can be easily disturbed while being handled and this will be much enhanced by caffeine in their system. Also, please avoid any spicy or gas producing meals for dinner the night before.



Please have some essentials like diapers, wipes, burp cloths and wrapping blankets handy. If you are not opposed to a pacifier, please have a couple of them ready as well. Pacifiers can be a big help.



Newborn sessions must be scheduled on a day with no appointments and other outings scheduled. Please do not have any plans right after the assumed end of the session. Babies are not robots and sometimes the sessions runs longer.

Adorable baby girl curled up.


I love awake shots and there is almost always an opportunity to take those. But for those cute relaxed simple poses I take as well, a sleeping baby is a must. That is when they do not mind me handling them and changing their position. Overall, the session goes faster. In order to achieve this, please try keeping your baby awake for at least an hour (preferably longer!) before my arrival. Stimulate your baby by unwrapping him/her and taking off clothing. The best way to keep baby awake is to give a nice long bath or a sponge bath. Trust me, this will pay off!



Ideally, if possible, feed your baby at the time of my arrival when she/he has been awake for a while and is getting tired and hungry.



I am a Family Photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in photographing families as they grow and change. My areas of expertise are maternity photography, newborn photography, family and children photography.


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