Yellow ~ Asheville Child and Family Photographer

It goes without saying that location and light are photographer’s best friends. It is not as important to have a grand and perfectly manicured location since most of the time shots are done with a telephoto lens and only a relatively small cutout from the scenery will be shown and the background will be out of focus. Often the best locations are little nooks and crannies where the light pools the right way and these can be found many times in places one would not necessarily suspect. I am constantly looking for new locations and test the ones I find with my girls.

I discovered this spot in the spring when driving by. A little open space surrounded on three sides by trees with wild spring flowers in full bloom. PERFECT!  I simply had to take my older daughter there right away and shoot to my heart’s content.

A beautiful image of a girl sitting in a grass full of yellow flower.An image of a pre-teen girl sitting down and smelling yellow flower. Yellow flowers are all around her.A girl sitting among many yellow flowers. Beautiful golden light is in the background.A colorful image of a girl sitting among many flowers and blowing dandelion.A professional photo of a girl leaning against a tree.

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