Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time for a maternity photography session?
Maternity sessions are best done between 30 – 34 weeks. At that time you show very nicely, but it is still well before reaching a point when you might start being more uncomfortable.

Is there any advantage for me if I book newborn and maternity sessions together?
Yes! With the maternity/newborn combo you receive a Petite (half) Maternity Session and a Full Newborn Session. The Petite Maternity Session fee is waived ($120 savings).

Where will our session take place?
I primarily shoot on location. If you don’t have a particular location in mind, I have many favorite spots and am happy to suggest one. A small travel fee would apply to a location beyond 30 miles from my office.

What time of the day do you shoot?
My preferred time to photograph your maternity session is in the late afternoon/early evening as this is when you get the lovely light you often see in my images. The exact times vary, of course, depending on the season.

How should I prepare for my maternity session? Will you help?
Absolutely! As your maternity photographer I am here for you each step of the way so you can relax and enjoy the process. Planning is actually where the fun begins! I have put together a written Session Guide which you will receive upon your booking. This guide will give you a great session overview and will help you best prepare for your pregnancy session. After you have a chance to go through all the materials, I’d love to talk with you over the phone. During this consultation I want to learn more about you and your family. We will also discuss clothing, location, special shots and any desires and ideas you might have. I want to hear it all! You will have full access to my beautiful custom maternity gowns and flower wreaths if that is of interest to you.

OMG! I am so bad in front of the camera!!
Now, go easy on yourself!! Unless you pose for photos for a living, I expect that you might feel a little awkward at first. Or a lot! Don’t worry, though. I will take charge, redirect as needed and you should be able to relax very quickly. And you will have fun, I promise!

How long will it take to see my photos after the session?
It takes about 2 – 3 weeks to process your images. Then we will meet for an in-person viewing and ordering session. All decision-makers need to be present. You will be able to see and touch all the products I offer, ask any questions, and make an informed decision regarding your portrait selections. Long distance clients will be presented with an online, private gallery.

You took so many maternity photos. Will we get to see all of them? Can we see the unedited (RAW) images?
The short answer is no. Trust me, you do not want to go through all the images because there are hundreds! I will do that for you. As you can imagine, many factors play a role in selecting the images I edit and include in your gallery and this is where my expertise shines. Only the absolute best of the best make it, which will in the end be about 25 – 30 images from a full session and 13 – 15 from a petite maternity session (only as a part of a maternity newborn combo). These images will be fully edited, cropped, and prepared for final presentation. Unedited images are not shown or provided.

How long after the session do you keep my images?
To accommodate new clients, unordered images will be purged 30 days after your session. Ordered images will be archived in my system for 1 year.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, I do! I will gladly give you the details if interested.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes! I greatly value my clients and supporters who like my work and refer others. For each new client you refer you both will receive a $50 print credit.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you are unable to keep your appointment, I ask you to notify me at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. Your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled session.


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