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Should you or should you not have maternity photos done? That is the question.

Pregnancy photography is a somewhat newer area of photography. More and more women choose to remember this special and short time in their lives with photos. As a photographer, I have to say that maternity photo sessions are some of my favorites.


Maternity portrait by Asheville Maternity Photographer.

Here are my 5 reasons to have maternity photos done:


          1. You Are Beautiful

I know pregnancy is not just a beautiful stretch mark-free belly and pregnancy glow. It is also frequent bathroom stops, emotional roller coaster, tiredness, achiness and swollen feet. Some women have to deal with health issues related to pregnancy. I’ve certainly experienced some of these with my own pregnancies. As a Labor and Delivery nurse, I saw the trials of pregnancy at work all the time. Yet, despite all of the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy, I am a firm believer that every pregnant woman is beautiful.

A maternity photo shoot can truly highlight beauty that you didn’t even know was there! A skilled photographer can draw out the goddess in you with good angles and lighting while making you feel comfortable. Similarly, a good photographer will help you with your wardrobe selection and give you ideas of what works best so you can feel empowered during your session. Here at LHP, I offer to my clients many beautiful flowing gowns and floral crowns during the session so you can let your pregnant beauty shine through.

To avoid the discomfort which is more pronounced at the end of the pregnancy, the best time to schedule your maternity session is between the 30th – 34th week.

Beautiful maternity photo of expecting mom.

         2. Celebrate You and Have an Excuse to Get Pampered

You are growing a human being! Maternity photos are a wonderful way to celebrate this time of your life, the baby you are about to meet, the love you feel with your partner, and the strength of your amazing body.

It is the perfect excuse to get your hair and make-up done, put on a beautiful dress, stop all the day-to-day tasks and let yourself relax.


         3. It’s a Fun and Bonding Experience!

While celebrating your pregnancy with a maternity photo session, we will also make it a fun and enjoyable occasion. Whether this is your first pregnancy and your maternity session includes only you and your partner, or you already have children and choose to include the whole family, we’ll make it interactive and engaging. It’s a lovely way to involve partners and children in the pregnancy process and make them feel more special.


Photo of a family with mom expecting. One of 5 reasons to have maternity photos done.

         4. Share Later With Your Child

Pregnancy is a big part of your child’s story and one day you will have the opportunity to share these images, memories, and stories that come with them with your child. Children love being told how they grew in your belly. They love hearing how you first felt them tickle like a butterfly flutter and later how they kicked and hiccuped. They will be delighted to see the photos of their pregnant mama.

Pregancy picture of a couple with mountains in the background.

          5. No Regrets

I hear it all the time that women wish they had maternity photos done. I am one of these women.

Think about how you might feel a few years from now. You will have a beautiful little toddler in your arms… at this point who cares how many extra pounds you stored away during your pregnancy? It might have been a difficult pregnancy, sure, but now you have this gift. It was all worth it and you would do it all over again. You do not want to regret not having photos of this special time.


There you have it, 5 reasons to have maternity photos done!



I am a Family Photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in photographing families as they grow and change. My areas of expertise are maternity photography, newborn photographyfamily and children photography.


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