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You are about to have a baby and are wondering if it’s worth to hire a newborn photographer to photograph your tiny bundle of joy. Well, of course, I am going to say YES you should, but keep on reading. Here are my 6 reasons to to hire a newborn photographer for this very special and short time in your life.


Newborn photography by Asheville newborn photographer, Lenka Hattaway.

My 6 reasons to hire a newborn photographer:

1. Having a Baby is BIG

It is a big deal to have a baby! It is one of the most important and life-changing events in our lives. We want to remember important events in our lives, don’t we? What a better way to do that than with photos? You will not only cherish these photos now, but imagine what they will mean to you 10, 20 or more years from now.

2. They are this Small Only Once

While you can say this about any age of your child, the newborn period is particularly short lasting. Technically it lasts only 28 days! Now that is short. I hear over and over again from parents how much the baby has changed even in the time from having their photos done to the time of the viewing/ordering session a few weeks later. I have witnessed numerous times moms bursting into tears over the photos of their brand new bundle. And we are talking only a few weeks, folks! Imagine how you’ll feel a few years down the road.

During the newborn stage, the best time to have newborn photos done is within the first two weeks. This is when the babies are the most sleepy and flexible and less prone to being startled. They are also generally free of newborn acne.


Newborn photo with stuffed animals.

3. Be in the Pictures With Your Baby

Portraits of you with your little ones is a wonderful tool for affirming how much your children are loved. Start now with newborn pictures and fill your home with framed portraits and make sure you are in some of them too. I always strongly encourage parents and siblings to be in the newborn photos with their baby and that is usually how we start our session. Sometimes new moms are worried about some extra baby weight, but rest assured that I always incorporate the best light and angles to make you look the best.


Adorable photo of a newbron baby being kissed by his mom.

4. Gifts for the Grandparents

EVERY grandma and grandpa want pictures of their grandchild. Period. They will never tire of them. When finally their new grand baby arrives, a framed print makes such a wonderful gift for them.



5. Quality, Experience, and Safety

This is a big one! With all our phones capable of taking pictures, anyone these days can be a photographer, right?! The ability to press a shutter does not, however, make a photographer. So much more goes into mastering the art of photography. Professional newborn photographers are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to working with babies. They know how to use light (natural or strobe) to flatter their subject(s), they understand the best ways to place the baby in your arms or position her on the beanbag. They will give information prior to your session so you can know what to expect and prepare yourself for a successful session.

When I work with my tiny clients, safety is my top priority. As a former Labor and Delivery nurse and a mom, I have handled countless of babies, including my own. Your baby is safe with me.

Please, please, always do your homework when hiring a newborn photographer and do not be tempted to hire the cheapest one out there!


Black and white newborn photography in Asheville, NC.

6. No Regrets

The last thing you want is to look back a few years later (or even just only months) and wish you had pictures of your child when she/he was first born. That time will never come back and the opportunity to have newborn photos is lost. Do not have that regret!


There you have it, my 6 reasons to hire a newborn photographer for your growing family!

On a similar note…. If you are wondering whether you should have maternity photos done, here you can read my 5 reasons for maternity photography.



I am a Family Photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in photographing families as they grow and change. My areas of expertise are maternity photography, newborn photography, family and children photography.


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