Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer

One of the incredible perks being an Asheville Newborn Baby Photographer is that I can enjoy a few hours at a time with adorable tiny newborn babies. How is that not awesome?

For all this fun baby time I travel to you and set up shop in your home. I bring everything needed from lighting to blankets and wraps. If you desire, I am always happy to incorporate any special items or heirlooms into the session.

Before the session you will receive a detailed session guide. This will inform you on what to expect and how to prepare yourself, your family and your home. Later, we will have a phone chat about it all in depth and to answer any burning questions. This ensures the session goes smoothly and baby stays happy.

Not every Asheville newborn baby photographer conducts newborn sessions at their clients’ homes, some offer sessions at their studio. While each option has its benefits, I find that my clients appreciate being able to stay in the comfort of their own space making for a hassle-free experience. Being in your own home allows us to incorporate the nursery and other areas of your home into a part of the session. Siblings also appreciate not having to be dragged into a studio on the other side of town.


The newborn photo session featured below is no exception. The night before the session, I selected all the blankets and wraps, and packed my minivan to the hilt. The next morning I enjoyed a few hours with this little sweetheart and her family. It made my day.

Sleeping baby photo by Asheville newborn photographer Lenka Hattaway.Asheville newborn baby photographer photo of an awake newborn baby.Bautiful newborn baby in a crib looking at the camera.Adorable yawning newborn baby.Newborn in her crib.Portrait of a mom kissing her newborn baby.Dad holing his newborn baby girl.Parents with their sleeping newborn.Sleeping newborn.

I am a Family Photographer in Asheville, NC specializing in photographing families as they grow and change. My areas of expertise are maternity photography, newborn photography, family and children photography.


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